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Brazilian Music Workshop For Singers

With Catina DeLuna & Otmaro Ruiz

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Catina & Kurt Elling

The Village Studios, Los Angeles, CA


Sundays, September 13 & 20
Suggested Repertoire: "Doralice" & "Corcovado"
Repertoire subject to changes according to participants suggestions
11am -1 pm
* Limited number of participants

USD 120.00  - Early Bird

USD 150.00 - after 9/1

USD 120.00  - Early Bird

USD 150.00 - after 10/31



Sundays, November 8 & 15
Suggested Repertoire: "O Barquinho" & "Chega de Saudade"
Repertoire subject to changes according to participants suggestions
11am -1 pm
* Limited number of participants

Participants who have completed previous Worshops and plan to retake one or more sessions are eligible for discounted rates.

(Save your spot by registering at least 2 weeks before classes begin)

Part 1 - Phonetics - USD 40.00

Part 2 - Applying Phonetics To A Song - USD 50.00

Parts 1 & 2 - USD 75.00

Please contact us for more information:

I have happily and successfully worked with Catina DeLuna on several occasions to ensure that my Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation in recordings is as good as can be. It is not uncommon for native speakers whom I encounter to take for granted that I, in fact, speak the language fluently - so excellent is the outcome of her coaching. Ms. DeLuna is a patient but exacting coach and I wouldn't dream of recording another composition in that tongue without her by my side.


- Kurt Elling


By the end of this session you will receive a playback track of both songs (mp3) recorded by Otmaro Ruiz with our grand piano, exclusively for you. Yes, you will be able to take Otmaro home with you so you can keep practicing and even **record along with this track to share with your family! 

*Waiver for non-commercial use to be signed by participants. 


***Private lessons with Catina Deluna available to participants at a discounted rate during the week of the workshop.

The workshop


This workshop is designed for vocalists of all levels to improve their understanding of Brazilian repertoire and the nuances of its pronunciation and interpretation.


With the recent spike in numbers of COVID-19 cases in California and with so much uncertainty regarding when we can meet safely, workshops are now being hosted online via Zoom. 


This workshop will be divided in two parts with a one-week interval between sessions. By dividing this workshop into two sessions, you will have time to absorb the phonetics content before applying it to your singing.




1) Lecture - Critically acclaimed recording artist Catina DeLuna will explain the proper pronunciation of the Brazilian Portuguese language and its implications when applied to singing. 

*All participants will receive a PDF file detailing information about the specific phonetics prior to this session. 


2) Q&A  - After the lecture students will be able to ask questions.


3) Understanding the lyrics and learning the proper pronunciation.











1) Lecture -  Catina DeLuna wil work deeply on lyrics with participants, improving pronunciation, exploring lyric's meaning and interpretation, and suggesting choices for phrasing and rhythmic fluency.


2) Q&A / Let’s sing!  - After the lecture participants will be able to ask questions, sing a cappella and even share their **recordings if they wish. Otmaro and Catina will make comments and suggestions to improve your performance.


3) Cocktail time! Grab your favorite drink (a glass of champaign, a cup of your favorite tea, a  glourious Margarita or maybe a Brazilian "caipirinha"?) and let's hang out!



What people are saying about Catina DeLuna

“I’m incredibly grateful to have had Catina‘s help in navigating the pronunciation of two different portuguese songs before heading into the recording studio — her unwavering patience, clarity in communication, masterful musicianship, and expansive expertise make her an incredible teacher. And her kindness and openness will have me continuing to send my own students her way for years to come!”


- Sara Gazarek


"Catina DeLuna gave me wonderful instruction on a Brazilian song that I recorded in Portuguese.  I’ve never really sung too much in the language, and Catina is such a wonderful singer and person…she made me feel comfortable with what was coming out of me, gave me pronunciation and phrasing advice that I used well.  I would recommend her coaching for anyone interested in really sounding like you know what you’re doing!"


- Cathy Segal-Garcia


"Not only is Catina a remarkable artist and performer, she is a wise and detailed educator. Her work with our students at USC on Brazilian bossa nova and and the Portuguese language was invaluable and the best breakdown of singing in the language I’ve ever had. No one else can give these students what Catina can give them when it comes to this music and the language. "


- Kathleen Grace

About Catina DeLuna & Otmaro Ruiz


Catina and Otmaro joined forces in 2015 to release the critically acclaimed album Lado B Brazilian Project, which received a Grammy nomination in 2016.


CATINA DELUNA is a recording artist from Brazil. She moved to the United States in 2005 as a visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2006 she received a full scholarship to complete her masters degree in music at Northern Illinois University. She has performed extensively at major jazz venues and festivals in the United States and Brazil. After teaching this workshop at various universities (USC, California Jazz Conservatory-Berkeley, Los Angeles Music Academy, Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Northwestern University in Chicago), and after coaching such artists as Kurt Elling, Sara Gazarek, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Gretje Angel and Staci Griesbach, Catina is happy to open her home to work with students in a more intimate setting. 


OTMARO RUIZ is a Grammy-winning pianist, keyboardist and arranger born in Venezuela. A resident of Los Angeles for the last 30 years, Otmaro was Dianne Reeves' musical director and has toured most recently with Randy Brecker & Bill Evans’ SoulBop, Simon Phillips’ Protocol 4 and Billy Cobham. Versatility is Ruiz' biggest asset: he has performed in virtually all genres, from Latin jazz with Arturo Sandoval and Tito Puente to pop and rock with Robbie Robertson and Gino Vannelli; from straight ahead with Frank Morgan and Billy Higgins to the most exciting electric fusion with John McLaughlin, Frank Gambale and Protocol. Otmaro has six solo album releases and has performed on numerous recordings and soundtracks. Otmaro has taught jazz piano and theory extensively, including at USC and Shepard University, and was granted an honorary Doctorate of Music in 2012.

More information:
Call us: 661.877.8667
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