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Catina DeLuna Piano & Voice Studio


Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Sigh Singing training

Theory, Harmony, Ear Training

Classical, Jazz and Brazilian Styles

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Online Lessons

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Lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, depending on the level and goals of each student.

Even if playing the piano is not the ultimate goal you have for your child, the basic skills and techniques learned from piano lessons will develop useful experiences in many areas of life.

Piano lessons benefit children by:

• raising self esteem

• increasing both coordination and concentration
• inspiring creative thinking

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If you love singing, learn the essentials of vocal technique with Catina DeLuna. She is a Grammy Nominee musician and was the founder, arranger and singer of 2 award winning vocal groups in Brazil. Catina has extensive training with the top vocal instructors in a variety of styles. She can help you to Improve your performance through proper breathing and vocal exercises to develop pitch and tone.  Improve your stage presence and learn tips to keep a healthy vocal instrument.

For those who intend to enter the professional level, learn how to chord and transpose songs into your key and how develop sight singing shills.

Beginners to intermediate, all ages.

If you are seeking to expand your knowledge of Brazilian Music and repertoire, Catina can make available all her years of expertise in this field.

Piano lessons in Santa Clarita


With over 25 years of experience, Catina's unique teaching approach reflects the mix of proper classical technique (European style), so frequently overlooked, with lots of encouragement and motivation towards a true creative process that allows her students to achieve incredible results.

Catina DeLuna also adopts the guidelines of The Music Development Program of Royal Conservatory of Music / Carnegie Hall and has successfully prepared several students for the RCM exams.

"The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels through two different types of assessment: practical (performance) and theoretical. Both create an opportunity to recognize achievement and receive meaningful feedback."

Her students are always encouraged to follow the program described above however, it is always a free choice. Students enrolled in the The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program are required to commit to at least a 45 minute lesson to allow for adequate coverage of required technique, theory and repertory.

Besides teaching in her own studio in Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, CA, Catina DeLuna is part of the selected staff at Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, CA.






"When we decided to enroll our daughter in piano lessons for the first time, we didn't know what to expect from the teacher or even our child. As it turns out, our daughter's enthusiasm and motivation to learn to play the piano grew tenfold on that first lesson! Catina's warm demeanor, passion and knowledge makes all the difference for our daughter. Week after week our daughter goes to and comes back from class happy, excited to take that next step or learn to play that next song no matter the difficulty. Catina is a wonderful instructor with that great ability to balance work and play. She relates to our daughter well, and makes her feel comfortable. Our daughter knows what's expected of her, and if ever in doubt Catina is very accessible and always willing to help in between classes. Catina's got a true gift, and it's reflected in our daughter's newly acquired skills and progress. Amazing to say the least! We are so blessed to have her! Thank you Catina!"

The Nunez Family (Silverlake Conservatory)


"Catina is an exceptional piano teacher. She is extremely talented, passionate and knowledgeable. Her teaching is structured and thorough. She is patient and encouraging and challenges you at the same time. She is very thoughtful and brings me music that I like. I couldn't ask for more in a teacher and I look forward my lesson every week."​
​​​​​Kelli Fountain  (SilverLake Conservatory)

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Catina DeLuna for 2 years. She is an excellent piano player and an outstanding piano teacher. She is disciplined and fun at the same time and has an encouraging attitude when she's teaching. Her ability to teach piano is incredible. We've seen a tremendous improvement in both our sons since they started taking lessons with her. They are always happy and excited to go to their piano lesson. She has been a tremendous help for them in increasing their musical knowledge since they're planning to go to a music college."​
The Farias Family (Catina DeLuna Piano Studio)

"My son has been taking lessons with Catina for now about a year...we are thrilled to have found her!  Every time he has come out of the lessons feeling good and wanting to learn more.  He has never wanted to skip a lesson.  Catina understands the uniqueness of how my child learns and she has the patience and knowledge to customize his learning experience.  As a parent it is important for me to have open discussions about my son's lessons and it has always been positive.  We are so thankful to have her as his teacher!"

The Lee family (Silverlake Conservatory)

"Both my daughter and I are very happy with our piano lessons with such an excellent instructor, very committed to her students progress, sweet, kind but also firm when corrections are needed. My daughter doesn't like to miss a single day of piano lesson. I am convinced of my good decision of taking her to this piano class and to have the fortune of being assigned to Ms. Catina. Now my daughter is more dedicated to her practice time and improving at school. We are delighted to have met her. God blessed her with her angelical talent."

The Castellon Family (Silverlake Conservatory)


"Miss Catina strikes the perfect balance between kind and firm. My daughter is so proud of her new skills and I love watching her self esteem grow as she plays."

The Corddry Family (Silverlake Conservatory)


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“Catina DeLuna has been teaching piano and voice to my daughters Ani and Patil for the past several years. Catina is a very dedicated music instructor. She is professional as well as friendly. She is punctual, energetic, and enthusiastic and at the same time very patient and understanding. Mrs. Alencar takes her lessons very seriously and gives it her 100%. I highly recommend her.”​​
​​​​The Avanessian Family (Catina DeLuna Piano Studio)


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